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Tips on how to sell a Mobile Home that must be Removed
from your property or community

Selling a mobile home that must be removed requires clear communication, thorough planning, and a willingness to work with potential buyers to ensure a smooth process. It's essential to provide accurate information and assistance throughout the sale to make it a positive experience for both parties involved.

  1. Confirm Who is Buying your Mobile Home: Is it an Actual Buyer?
  2. Wholesalers tend to be unlicensed and attempting to sell your Mobile Home to another person. Florida law requires any sales transaction of a mobile home to be licensed and bonded. Who are you holding accountable for the purchase or sale of your mobile home? 
  3. Confirm Who is Transporting the Mobile Home off your land: Not all Transportation companies are properly licensed to do so. Check for proper licensure and insurance to avoid any mishaps on your       property. Call MH Transport and Set Up of Florida for assistance!
  4. Declutter your home and prepare for potential viewers of your home.
  5. Find your physical Title(s) to your mobile home. goto for assistance.
  6. Check with your Park or communities rules and regulations on mobile home removals. 
  7. Call the Good People of Spirit to assist you further in preparing for a proper removal of your Mobile Home.
    Contact us to Purchase, List or Assist you in Selling and Removing your Mobile Home
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